Importance Of Vaccinating Your Pet

Many pet owners are not aware of the danger their animals could face without yearly vaccinations. These vaccinations are needed to prevent deadly diseases from spreading to other animals, and in some cases, humans. Humans are also at risk of contracting a dangerous disease, such as rabies, from unvaccinated animals. North Georgia Veterinarians are working to increase the amount of vaccines given yearly to protect animals overall health and lifespan.

All pets need to be in homes that enable them to have a superior quality of living. Without vaccines, pets can become infested with worms throughout the body, causing digestive problems, animal obesity, heart conditions, and anemia; each of these problems can sadly lead to death . Cats and dogs that are both inside and outside pets are more likely to transport rabies, ringworm, and parasites into the home. Strep throat and tuberculosis are a few of the more common household viruses that can be spread by animals that are not immunized. Caregivers with lower immune systems can possibly acquire infections by contact with the pets’ body secretions; this can be as simple as just letting a puppy or kitten lick their face.

These conditions drastically decrease the positive outlook and life expectancy for animals who do not receive necessary vaccinations. Depending on the dilemma, organs are damaged, blood levels decrease, respiratory and intestinal problems develop, and death can occur if remained untreated. On a better note, pets that are vaccinated have further developed and protected immune systems, which have already created antibodies to block the harmful bacteria that were exposed. Exposing pets to an injection that has a related virus will increase the animals’ immunity toward the unhealthy infection.

Parents never fail to make vaccination appointments for their newborns and toddlers. Starting from the day of birth, infants receive all the needed shots to protect them from airborne and contact diseases and parasites. It is just as important for all pet owners to schedule yearly veterinarian visits six to eight weeks after birth. Choosing immunization protects pets from life-threatening illnesses, as well as protecting families. A Dawsonville Veterinarian can help pet owners plan the perfect immunization schedule based on their pets’ individual needs.

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Dawsonville Veterinary Hospital

Dawsonville Veterinary Hospital

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Boarding and Grooming Your Pet

All Animals Veterinary Hospital, located in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains in
Dawsonville, offers full service pet boarding and grooming. Whether away on
business or a family vacation, All Animals offers you the stress-free assurance
you need that your four-legged family members will be well cared for. In
addition to boarding, full service grooming is available. From nail trimming
and ear cleaning to bathing and a specialty trim, we fulfill your needs.

Pet Grooming is an important to the health and appearance of your pet. Regular care of your pet’s coat, ears, nails and teeth can call your attention to problems before they
become serious health issues. Daily grooming at home is the perfect opportunity
for you to bond with your pet and spend quality time together.

If your pet has a long or thick coat, daily brushing is recommended; while a short coat may
only require weekly brushing. Brushing redistributes the oils in their skin
resulting in a shiny coat. It will also alert you to flea and tick infestations
so they can be treated quickly without causing further discomfort to your pet.
Make sure the brush or comb that you use reaches all the way to the pet’s skin
so loose hair and dirt is brought to the surface.

Long-eared dogs are especially susceptible to ear parasites and infections. Keep your
pet’s ears clean by dampening a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide or mineral
oil and gently wiping the ear to remove dirt. Do not stick a cotton swab into
the ear canal – this should only be done by a veterinary professional. Healthy
ears are odor free.

Regular trimming of your pet’s nails is essential. If you have a pet that spends a lot
of time outdoors, he has a tendency to wear his nails down naturally. But a pet
that spends most of his time indoors will need his nails trimmed every few
weeks. Nails that are too long can easily be snagged and torn causing pain.
Nails that have been allowed to grow extremely long can even cause discomfort
to your pet while walking. Handle your pet’s paws and legs often so nail
trimming will be less traumatic for you and your pet.

All Animals Veterinary Hospital will be with you every step of the way. We are committed to providing your pet with quality care while providing you with the information
you need to enhance the life of your pet. Call us today for your pet’s boarding
and grooming needs or visit us online at

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Dawsonville Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary hospitals are the best places to take your pet for care. Whether you need preventative care for your young and healthy pets or need urgent medical care or surgery, a veterinary hospital can cover your pets’ needs.  Preventative care is very important for your animals. From the beginning of your animals’ lives, routine preventative care will better their chances of a long, healthy life with you. Veterinary hospitals will vaccinate your animals to protect them from a number of diseases such as rabies, canine parvovirus, feline leukemia, heartworm, and many more. Your local vet hospital can determine exactly which vaccinations your animals need depending on where you live and what activities your animals are involved in. Rabies is one vaccination that is required by law but others may just help protect your animal such as the heartworm vaccination. Heartworm is caused by a parasite that enters your animal’s bloodstream through an insect bite. This condition can kill your animals if you do not prevent or treat it. Your veterinary hospital can provide a monthly vaccine for heartworm or treat your animal if they have already been affected by heartworm.  Preventative care provided by your vet is so important for your animals’ wellbeing.

Unfortunately not all ailments can be prevented but treatment for your pet can be provided by a reputable veterinary hospital. When your pet does become ill or injured a Dawsonville veterinary hospital can treat your animal. They will diagnose your animal based on his symptoms and a number of thorough tests that are available at the animal hospital. If your pet has been injured in a fight with another animal or perhaps being hit by a vehicle or just got into something hazardous, emergency care can fix them up. Stitches or casting, whatever is required to heal your animal can be provided by a veterinary hospital.  Emergency care as well as scheduled or emergency surgeries will get your animal well again.

A Dawsonville veterinary hospital is also a wonderful place to take your pet to be spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering your animal have many benefits and can help your pets to live longer and healthier lives. It helps our female pets by lowering chances of having uterine infections and breast cancer. Male pets are saved from testicular cancer when they are neutered. This procedure done at a veterinary hospital will not only prevent disease in your pet but can also protect them from other harm. When animals are in “heat” often will roam around or escape from home to try to reproduce. This means yours pets run the risk of being injured by other animals or vehicles. Do not risk their safety when it is so easy to visit your veterinary hospital and schedule this simple procedure.  Visit our site at

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Dawsonville Pet Grooming

Your pets are probably very special to you and hold an important spot in your heart. Almost from the moment you bring them home, they become an integral part of your family unit. These furry, four-legged family members need proper care just like our children do. Grooming our pets is a large part of keeping them happy and healthy.  Keeping our pets well groomed should be a priority like keeping our children clean and well groomed.

For some pet owners, grooming is seen as a superfluous or an unnecessary service for their animals but the risks of not grooming our pets cannot be ignored. Poor grooming results in many problems with lack of care to our pets. One of these common problems in our pets who are not groomed is ear mites. Ear mites are live mites that live in the ears of animals. They spread rapidly and spread infection similar to bacterial or yeast infections. Our pets will itch and often be quite miserable with ear mites. Regular pet grooming will prevent these mites. Severe matting in our long haired pets is another problem for animals that are not groomed. These mattes can be painful for our animals and often must be shaved to get rid of it. Tear stains are another issue in which the moisture from dogs’ eyes will stain their fur. If not washed often enough these tear stains will form and make our pets look bad. Pets left un-groomed grow long nails which become painful and are not able to run while their nails are this length. Dogs with longer hair have a hard time seeing if their hair is not frequently trimmed around their face. An animal can be truly miserable if the proper care is not taken and regular grooming done.

There are many benefits to grooming our pets in addition to making them happy. Bathing them eliminates dirt and germs from their fur to ensure that they remain healthy and your family does as well. It also removes harmful insects from their skin such as fleas and ticks. These pesky insects bother your animals and can jump from your pets to your carpet, furniture, or worse, your family.  Regular baths are good for your pets’ skin, soothing their skin from becoming too dry or too dirty. Regular nail trimming prevent germs from accumulating inside the nail. It reduces the risk of spreading infection from their nails to you when they may jump on your and accidently scratch your skin. Dawsonville Pet Grooming is also great because the regular brushing keeps their coat shining and from building up, therefore reducing shedding. Also clipping long hair will prevent matting and keep them looking nice. A well groomed pet is a happier pet and will rejuvenate them and give them more confidence. Our lovable pets become even more lovable when they are well groomed and well taken care of.   Visit our site at for more information.

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Herd Animal Care

Herd animals often do not get the care they need. When their health is not taken care of any disease or illness that may befall one animal will ultimately affect the entire herd. It is easy for illness to spread from animal to animal very quickly in a herd.  It is crucial to test as well as vaccinate your herd animals.  Testing can insure your herd is healthy while vaccinating will keep them that way.

Your sheep need to be tested for OPP or Ovine Progressive Pneumonia. This slow developing viral disease causes weight loss, difficulty breathing, lameness, paralysis, and mastitis. Although there is no treatment for this disease you can eliminate it from your herd by testing annually and removing the animals that test positive for OPP.  CAE or Caprine Arthritic Encephalitis is a similar disease in goats that may never display any symptoms, which is why it is often called the silent killer. Testing for Johne’s in both sheep and goats is an important service you should have your veterinarian do.  An annual test for Brucellosis and Tuberculosis should also be performed on all of your show and milking animals. It is important to care for your herd animals by ensuring they are regularly tested for such diseases.

Disease detection and prevention is important for your herd animals but so are their routine wellness exams. Annual herd animal vaccinations for rabies and tetanus will ensure that your animals stays healthy.  Vaccinating can help secure the safety of each of your animals since rabies can spread rapidly. Hoof care is also an essential part of your animals’ health. They need proper attention to their hooves so their do not injure themselves.  Worming and booster shots with vitamin E and selenium will better your herd animals’ health and prevent white muscle disease.  Your herd animals may still become sick even with preventative medicine but your veterinarian can provide emergency care to ensure your herd receives the best care possible. Intravenous fluids should be administered to your animals when they become ill and are unable to hydrate. Fast treatment for a number of illnesses including heat stroke and overeating disease will ensure the safety of your entire herd and prolong the lives of your animals.  Quality care for your herd animals is crucial to their health and longevity. Whether you are preventing illness, treating it, or needing surgical care, a veterinarian can provide the care needed for your herd animals.

For more inofrmation visit our site at

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Boarding Is A Great Solution

Summer is here! It’s time to put away that winter wardrobe and bring out the shorts and bathing suits and enjoy. Summer is a time for relaxing and for most of us, we have planned to get away to do so. With vacation plans in the works or perhaps you have already packed your bags and have your itinerary all typed out; what do you have planned for your pets while you’re away? While most of your summer fun may include your pets, leaving home should not be one of them that do. Your pet can be most comfortable at the boarding kennel when you leave home. Boarding your pet is an excellent way for them to go on their own “vacation” and you can be sure they will be cared for and loved while you are away from them. You can simply relax and fully enjoy your vacation resting assured that your veterinary hospital is taking excellent care of your animals. A Dahlonega veterinary hospital can take care of all your boarding needs so your animal will eat, play, and exercise barely noticing that you’ve left! You may be thinking about taking your cat or dog with you on vacation this year but this limits your hotel choices as well as the activities you can do on vacation. The last thing I want to do on vacation is worry about my pet, having to rush back to the hotel every couple hours to make sure they are ok. Not to mention they are like having another person with you with the entire luggage of food, dishes, leashes, litter boxes, beds, or pee pads that you need to bring along. Boarding can be a much better solution because a veterinary hospital is closer to home meaning no long car or plane rides and their routine can be maintained. Perhaps you are thinking of leaving your pet with a friend or relative entrusting that they will have the time and know how to care for them. But pets often escape or can become ill which is why you will rest at ease if you leave them in the care of a knowledgeable staff that specializes in the needs of boarded animals. Do not spend anymore of your precious summer worrying about what to do with your animals when you need to leave home, a Dawsonville veterinary hospital can be the perfect place to board your furry friends while you are away!

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Preventative Health Care

We all know that if our pets become ill or injured the first place we would take them is a veterinary hospital.  However, an alarming number of pet owners do not make sure the pets they love so much receive the preventative care they need. It is important to start from the very beginning giving your pets routine, preventative care to better their chances of a long, healthy life.  It is so important for your animals to receive vaccinations not only for their wellbeing but also your family’s wellbeing. Regular veterinary visits and routine vaccinations can protect your pets from a number of diseases.  Rabies shots will protect your animal from it and ensure your family is not at risk of rabies when around your pet. Save yourself and your family the heartbreak of possibly losing a pet that has been exposed to rabies and go to your veterinary hospital and get them vaccinated! The rabies vaccine is required by law so have your Georgia veterinarian vaccinate your pets for rabies, keeping your loved ones safe and yourself legal as a pet owner. Vaccinations against canine parvovirus, canine distemper, canine bordetella, feline leukemia, feline panleukopenia, and other diseases are crucial for your animal. Your local veterinary hospital can make sure your pet gets all the vaccinations they need depending on where you live and what your pet may be exposed to.  There could be necessary preventive care from diseases and viruses that you are unaware of which is why visiting a North Georgia veterinarian can educate you as to what preventative treatments are necessary for your animal. The heartworm vaccine is another important vaccine for all your pets. Heartworm is a condition caused by a parasite that enters your pet’s bloodstream through an insect bite. Heartworm is a dangerous disease that can kill your pet if you do not prevent or treat it. Heartworm is primarily transmitted by mosquitoes which can rarely be avoided in the warm months. Even your indoor pets are in danger because it is almost impossible to make sure those tiny little bugs never enter your home when you open your door. Your Dawsonville veterinary hospital can give you a heartworm vaccine that should be administered to your pet every month. This is such an easy step we can take to love and care for our animals ensuring they stay safe against heartworm. Our pets like our children should be vaccinated to keep them happy and healthy for a long time!

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Taking Care Of Your Pet(s)

We love our pets like they are our very own children. We bathe them, groom them, brush them, play with them, feed and often even clothe them! They are our babies and our best friends. Our cats and dogs often get the royal treatment so we should love them enough to make sure their health needs are taken care of. Spaying and neutering your pet has many benefits.  For female pets, spaying means they will live a longer and healthier by living uterine infection and breast cancer free.  For male pets, neutering helps prevents testicular cancer. A Dawsonville Veterinary hospital can perform these procedures and make sure your beloved pets live longer lives.  Also North Georgia veterinarians say that it is very cost effective since spaying or neutering is much cheaper than having and caring for a litter. Doing this for your pet is a wonderful way to love them because it will keep them from roaming your neighborhood or trying to get out of your home to reproduce. This could put them in danger of being hurt by other animals both wild and domestic.  You do not want to take your pet to a veterinary hospital because they have been injured; it is much better to take them for a simple procedure of spaying and neutering to keep them out of harm’s way. Another benefit to “fixing” your male pets is that they are much better behaved.  No one likes when their male pets mark their territory in the house or act aggressively. North Georgia veterinarians will tell you that spaying and neutering will not make your pet fat, so that is not a good excuse! Doing this for our own pets is also good for our community. Taking our pet for one afternoon to a veterinary hospital to be spayed or neutered can help ensure our community does not have more animals that are uncared for. Shelters are overflowing with kittens and puppies that families could not support. Fixing your own pet can help fight the pet overpopulation. Not only do we have too many animals in shelters at risk of having to be put to sleep, but also stray animals are a large problem in communities.  They can cause car accidents as well as be dangerous for children and people who try to come in contact with these stray animals. So do your pet, your family, and your community a favor and call All Animals Veterinary hospital today and set up an appointment to spay or neuter your furry family member.

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All Animals Veterinary Hospital Dawsonville

To check out our video click on the following link.  All Animals Veterinary Hospital.

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